BridgePhone is a complete  scoring system. It features:

  • BridgePhoneScorer,  a bridge score program with many capabilities and a
  • Bridge score entry system, leveraging modern smart phone technology.

BridgePhoneScorer allows to setup a bridgfe tournament with multiple sections. For each section you will define the number of tables, the number of rounds and the number of boards to be played during a round. Furthermore the Movement is required, whereby BridgePhoneScorer relies on the ASE format so that you may define almost any movement using Jeanie or any other movement you find useful. (

Rather than using pencil and paper to administer the duplicate scores in your bridge club or bridge tournament,  you can use your own mobile phone to send the scores via wifi or internet to the bridge score program of your choice. 

Each pair needs at least one mobile phone (or tablet) for use in personal mode. In table mode you can leave the mobile phone on the table so that you only need one Android per 4 players.

BridgePhone is the most user friendly wireless scoring system available.

It uses your smart phone. e-reader, navigator, tablet or any other Android device you own already. (It is highly unlikely that you will not own one within the next 5 years)

The software is automatically updated. You will never have to buy a new version as you have the latest versions always at your disposal. BridgePhone never wears out.

BridgePhone is free. It is fully compatible with expensive special  hardware devices like Bridgemate and BridgePads.