The new version of BridgePhone features a number of novelties:

  • Built-in Help pages to overcome the main stumbling block: Making a connection between the PC program and the Android's.
    Help pages in the Android and the PC program actively help to find out the IP address settings. Though  it is a onetime exercise and once you have found out the settings, you never have to bother again about it, it was for many people a show-stopper. The help pages in BridgePhoneScorer on the PC and the help buttun in the BridgePhone Android app should be easy enough to make the connection.
  • Complete translated version in Dutch and German.
    All menu's, comments and texts etc are either English, Dutch or German. What language is next?
  • Hot-spot help
    Modern Laptops allow the Laptop itself to assume the role of router.  In the help page a description is given to set up your Laptop as a router, which make you more self-supporting when you organize a bridge tournament at a location where you have (unknown) router support or no router support at all. It also ensures that PC and Android's are on the same subnet.
  • BridgePhoneScorer allows calculation of the endresults in : Matchpoints, Butler or Imps across the Fileds
  • BridgePhoneScorer will send e-mails with the personalized results of the tournament to all players with one click on the button.
  • If your club owns a dealing machine, BridgePhoneScorer will import the distribution and distribute the card distribution over the Android's.

Ho, ho, ho, BridgePhone on its own

Santa Claus gives this year a  present: The BridgePhone system is  now completely independent.

In the past, the Android based BridgePhone app needed 3rd-party scoring programs, now PCBridgePhone is extended with functions that create movements, sort members to pairs of players, calculate the end result.

The support of RuderSyv, PairsScorer, ACBL and TournoiA will be continued as these programs may provide functions in support of the national bridge associations. Yet, with the new BridgePhoneScorer many new possibilities have become reality, for example:

  •  A player can log himself onto the system with his smartphone in  the first  round . No need for the TD to create pairs and assign the players to pair numbers
  • New members  and vistors register themselves with the Android at the beginning of a session. No need to bother the TD in the busiest period of time  to write down new names
  • When you are using a card dealing machine, you can view the distribution on your smartphone as soon as you have played the board (you can now afford one as you save money on entry pads and scoring programs costs).
  • If you have no dealing machine, enter the card distribution with your smartphone in the start round of the session or when you notice an interesting deal, and have it available for review as soon as the board has been played
  • Add and use any movements, for example from Jeany (http://www.asecomputing.com/Jeanie2.htm) or the movements you are accustomed to


Other new possibilities are under construction.


So download your copy from www.bridgephone.de  and help improve the system, for example by spending 1/2 hour in translating the smartphone app to your mother tongue, sharing movements, providing comments, ideas and feedback, etc.


Making the BridgePhone setup easy

Finding the settings for the BridgePhone to connect to the PCBridgePhone server.


Though the connection between the BridgePhone  and PCBridgePhone on the PC should configure itself  automatically, it is often seen that users have problems with it. And if it does not work, you don't have a clue what the problem is: Is it the router?, is the firewall blocking?,...  
 BPNetworkHelper is a small app that supports you in finding the proper settings for the BridgePhone app.
You can download it and together with the renewed version of PCBridgePhone ( version 1.2 or higher of January 27, 2015) finding IP numbers in a WLAN environment becomes easy enough. Even more so if you follow the 10 step recipe in the Wiki/Documentation http://www.bridgephone.de/DocuWiki/BridgePhoneWiki/doku.php?id=bpnetworkhelper


New simplified  PCBridgePhone Configuration


Each scoring program poses specific requirements for PCBridgePhone to interface with it. This new version 1.6.1 offers a TD, just after downloading and installation, a simple means to adapt  PCBridgePhone to  these requirements,


PCBridgePhone now also supports the French scoring program TournoiA.  



PCBridgePhone may be used in many ways : It can be called

1) by a scoring program  like RuderSyv, PairsScorer und TournoiA,

2) separately by the TD, to interface with a score program like e.g.  the NBB scoring program

3) to function independently from any scoring program to quickly test  the connection  between PCBridgePhone and  the Androids.


Some  programs like RuderSyv and TournoiA use an Access 2000 database, whereas. others  use the old Access 95 database (from the previous century).


All scoring programs offer a function to enter the names of the players. They do this however not in a uniform way.  The transfer of names from the scoring program to  PCBridgePhone are therefore also different. Configuration of the proper name transfer is therefore an important issue.


One can configure PCBridgePhone in a standard way for some scoring programs, but one can also configure every single configuration item separately with buttons in the configuration screen.


There are buttons for:


- scoring program type

- Access-Database type

- language

- the address of the interface  database

- the address of the player database

- the OS



It is important that, with the new version, one can immediately start testing the connection between the Android and PCBridgePhone, one can configure PCBridgePhone fully to the requirements of the scoring program, and one can run BridgePhone and Bridgemates in parallel.


In case you need another Interface between a scoring program and PCBridgePhone, please let us know. We can provide such an interface within a short time, provided some docs are available.


ACBL connection available


If you use the free downloadable ACBLscoring program, you can use BridgePhone to enter the scores directly, rather than filling in traveler forms with pencil and paper. A special, pre-configured version of PCBridgePhone is now available for download from the EXE download page.

ACBL already has a capability for calling a Remote Option that facilitates wireless Bridge scoring entry, so the connection itself is just a matter of defining BridgePhone as the wireless Bridge scoring entry solution.

Furthermore there is a facility to import the ACBL Players database. With this facility, it is possible automatically create user names, which are  used in BridgePhone. Thus, BridgePhone shows that "Richard" played 3 NT rather than "Pair 2 N" or "member #105".

Also, it is not necessary anymore for the TD to enter  before the start of the game the names of the players who build  a pair.  BridgePhone allows the players at the first table to enter their user-names. In this way, it is known after the first round which persons build "Pair 1" to "Pair n"