New simplified  PCBridgePhone Configuration


Each scoring program poses specific requirements for PCBridgePhone to interface with it. This new version 1.6.1 offers a TD, just after downloading and installation, a simple means to adapt  PCBridgePhone to  these requirements,


PCBridgePhone now also supports the French scoring program TournoiA.  



PCBridgePhone may be used in many ways : It can be called

1) by a scoring program  like RuderSyv, PairsScorer und TournoiA,

2) separately by the TD, to interface with a score program like e.g.  the NBB scoring program

3) to function independently from any scoring program to quickly test  the connection  between PCBridgePhone and  the Androids.


Some  programs like RuderSyv and TournoiA use an Access 2000 database, whereas. others  use the old Access 95 database (from the previous century).


All scoring programs offer a function to enter the names of the players. They do this however not in a uniform way.  The transfer of names from the scoring program to  PCBridgePhone are therefore also different. Configuration of the proper name transfer is therefore an important issue.


One can configure PCBridgePhone in a standard way for some scoring programs, but one can also configure every single configuration item separately with buttons in the configuration screen.


There are buttons for:


- scoring program type

- Access-Database type

- language

- the address of the interface  database

- the address of the player database

- the OS



It is important that, with the new version, one can immediately start testing the connection between the Android and PCBridgePhone, one can configure PCBridgePhone fully to the requirements of the scoring program, and one can run BridgePhone and Bridgemates in parallel.


In case you need another Interface between a scoring program and PCBridgePhone, please let us know. We can provide such an interface within a short time, provided some docs are available.