Ho, ho, ho, BridgePhone on its own

Santa Claus gives this year a  present: The BridgePhone system is  now completely independent.

In the past, the Android based BridgePhone app needed 3rd-party scoring programs, now PCBridgePhone is extended with functions that create movements, sort members to pairs of players, calculate the end result.

The support of RuderSyv, PairsScorer, ACBL and TournoiA will be continued as these programs may provide functions in support of the national bridge associations. Yet, with the new BridgePhoneScorer many new possibilities have become reality, for example:

  •  A player can log himself onto the system with his smartphone in  the first  round . No need for the TD to create pairs and assign the players to pair numbers
  • New members  and vistors register themselves with the Android at the beginning of a session. No need to bother the TD in the busiest period of time  to write down new names
  • When you are using a card dealing machine, you can view the distribution on your smartphone as soon as you have played the board (you can now afford one as you save money on entry pads and scoring programs costs).
  • If you have no dealing machine, enter the card distribution with your smartphone in the start round of the session or when you notice an interesting deal, and have it available for review as soon as the board has been played
  • Add and use any movements, for example from Jeany (http://www.asecomputing.com/Jeanie2.htm) or the movements you are accustomed to


Other new possibilities are under construction.


So download your copy from www.bridgephone.de  and help improve the system, for example by spending 1/2 hour in translating the smartphone app to your mother tongue, sharing movements, providing comments, ideas and feedback, etc.