The new version of BridgePhone features a number of novelties:

  • Built-in Help pages to overcome the main stumbling block: Making a connection between the PC program and the Android's.
    Help pages in the Android and the PC program actively help to find out the IP address settings. Though  it is a onetime exercise and once you have found out the settings, you never have to bother again about it, it was for many people a show-stopper. The help pages in BridgePhoneScorer on the PC and the help buttun in the BridgePhone Android app should be easy enough to make the connection.
  • Complete translated version in Dutch and German.
    All menu's, comments and texts etc are either English, Dutch or German. What language is next?
  • Hot-spot help
    Modern Laptops allow the Laptop itself to assume the role of router.  In the help page a description is given to set up your Laptop as a router, which make you more self-supporting when you organize a bridge tournament at a location where you have (unknown) router support or no router support at all. It also ensures that PC and Android's are on the same subnet.
  • BridgePhoneScorer allows calculation of the endresults in : Matchpoints, Butler or Imps across the Fileds
  • BridgePhoneScorer will send e-mails with the personalized results of the tournament to all players with one click on the button.
  • If your club owns a dealing machine, BridgePhoneScorer will import the distribution and distribute the card distribution over the Android's.