PCBridgePhone Version 2.4.3


BridgePhoneScorer Version 2.4.3


The interface to the ACBL scoring program is now available.

 A provisional interface with the ACBL scoring program was already available. Now the interface is streamlined so that after some configuration BridgePhone is automatically invoked.

BridgePhone now interfaces with the ACBL scoring program. Though the ABCL is working on a new scoring program, which may have a smoother interface, you can configure the scoring program to use BridgePhone. BridgePhone itself also needs some small configuration, described in the Wiki. Once the BridgePhone configuration is completed, you can keep using ACBL.

BridgePhone reads the players database from ACBL so that all names from the players database which are used in a game on a club event, are known. Players, seated at a table,  just enter the first few letters of their user name into the BridgePhone client. All names are passed to ACBL so that the TD does not need to bother with the names anymore.

The ACBL interface functions as a template for other scoring programs that cannot actively invoke BridgePhone.