You can freely download programs on your mobile phone and on your PC: 

On your mobile phone you can download:

  • BridgePhone Client,
  • BridgePhone Demo and
  • BPDistribution

The Demo is functionally the same as the BridgePhone Client but does not connect to the server. Hence it is ideal to see how BridgePhone works without bothering about setup of router and PC programs.

The Android app is activated by downloading and installing an APK file. On the Download Page->APK you can download APK's for the demo and the BridgePhone client. 

On your PC you can download:


This BridgeScorer program is specifically geared towards the BridgePhone apps. It has facilities for setting up a session witch one or more sections, select movements, and calculate the scores in several varieties. Entering the scores is to be achieved by the BridgePhone app, though you may enter single scores by hand.



The server program on your PC that maintains the connection with the various mobile phones on the tables. 
It connects via the WLAN-router/internet to all BridgePhone clients to collect all scores and feeds the scores into a database that is shared with a bridge score program.

The bridge score program evaluates the scores and produces and end score. You will use the bridge score program of your choice. At this moment PairsScorer and RuderSyv directly integrate with BridgePhone. However, almost all bridge score programs can be integrated with some simple actions.