This program connects to the various smartphones on the tables. A connection is made via the WiFi router or internet with all BridgePhone clients to collect the scores. You can use the provided scoring program via BridgePhone, or you can also link to the bridgescoreprogram that you have already installed.These scores are put into a database, which is shared with the bridgescore program you have chosen. The bridgescore program further develops the scores and generates the final result. You can use your own bridgescoreprogram, but BridgePhone bridgescoreprogramme is included in the price.

The BridgePhone app can be downloaded for free on your Android smartphone or tablet.

PCBridgePhone is the server program for your PC or laptop.  If you are not yet familiar with us, you can register via the link under the login menu. Then you can go to the registered downloads to download BridgePhone.


Via the registered downloads or the download page of Google Play you can download and install the BridgePhone app on your phone and / or tablet. The license is free for now. If you start the Android BridgePhone and press the menu button to establish the connection, you should first click on Preferences and enter the PC IP address under "WLAN server URL". The Android now knows to which address the scores should be sent. Once you have followed this installation procedure, it will remain that way.