Free Card Distribution Registration App


BPDistribution is an app that allows  you to  register the card distribution of a 

Bridge game so as to share this game with your Bridge friends for comments and discussions.


Registration currently means one by one identifying 39 cards of 3 players ( the remaining 

13 cards are automatically assigned to the leftover player). A future  version will include a camera function to take pictures of the cards.


The real challenge is automatic recognition of the cards in the pictures, but that function will  take somewhat longer.


Once registered, the distributions can be formatted in various formats. For the time being, the formats are limited 

to "html" for display by an internet browser, and to a "forum format", obviously for display on a forum.  Other formats are yet to be implemented.



A formatted file may be used as an attachment to an e-mail. Also the file can be stored in the file system of your Android, so that you can use it in whatever way you wish.

Printing the file directly from your Android is a function which will soon be available. 


During the entry, you can preview the intermediate result, so that you can maintain an overview of the cards entered thus far.


The distribution is stored in a database for later retrieval.


The cost of the app is reasonable: if you are not registered do it now, login  and goto the download page for instructions how to achieve a FREE download of the app .