BridgePhoneHarmony "We'll do it together"

Some BridgeScore programs, such as ACBL from the American Bridge League, let you choose which score input program you want to join: BridgePhones, BridgeTabs, or Bridgemates. However, many other score programs do not allow this, and you must use a specific score input device. BridgePhoneHarmony offers a solution for every score calculation program to connect to any input device.

In addition, BridgePhoneHarmony allows you to use multiple types of bridge score input devices at the same time, so you can use BridgePhones and Bridgetabs simultaneously during a tournament.

We understand well that you do not want to throw away your expensive investment in Bridgemates. But little by little, it's really time for more advanced equipment. The BridghePhoneHarmony open source program now allows you to try out your favorite score calculation program with new smartphones at no extra cost. You create a new tournament as usual and start your score input devices as usual. For your convenience, BridgePhoneHarmony automatically launches PCBridgePhone, so you can use Android smartphones or Android tablets no matter where you want them to be and continue to work on other tables with your trusted old Bridgemates. All devices work well together and at the end of the evening you get the score as usual.

By the way, you can also see the results and the schedule on the BridgePhone. If you like the BridgePhone, you can slow down your Bridgemates. If you prefer to stick to the old familiar, now you have made a thoughtful decision that has cost you nothing.