Product description

In order to enter scores on a bridge club evening, on each table at least one BridgePhone client must be available. The BridgePhone client is an Android device, may it be a mobile phone, a tablet, an e-reader or even a GPS system. Chances are really low that within the next 5 years, you won't have such a device at your disposal, so eventually there are no hardware costs.

There may be more BridgePhone clients available on a table, e.g. all 4 players might have a mobile phone. Yet, only one is used to enter the score.

As soon as a score is entered, it will be transmitted to the BridgePhone server. A BridgePhone server is a PC or laptop running the PCBridgePhone program.

All scores are shared among all BridgePhones. Each score entered in a client and transmitted to the BridgePhone server, is retransmitted to all other clients.

Transmission takes place via either :

  • WLAN
    for operation even without a SIM card, within a range of circa 150 meter
  • Internet
    for operation all over the world

Apart from entering the score, the BridgePhone app:

  • shows you the previously scored results in a comfortable overview
  • the server program running on PC or laptop (PCBridgePhone),
    which connects to a bridge score program like PairScorer, RuderSyv, etc.  and 
  • presents you the indiviual movements to advice each pair on which table to play with the corresponding boardnumbers in the next rounds
  • allows you to look at the tournament end result on each BridgePhone right after or even during the bridge event based on the scores thus far
  • provides a distribution entry function for entering all hands, thus avoiding chaos when cards are wrongly put back in the board, or for playing back 
  • can restart after a temporal problem with the phone or the server, recovering all scores.

In case a cell phone breaks down completely a new one may be used for replacement. The replacement will synchronize with the server for seamless recovery of the situation before the break-down .

Detailed description in the Wiki